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Our “How to Apply to Stanford GSB” Guide is the starting point for a prospective MBA applicant to the GSB. 

In the hierarchy of business school rankings, no program is as selective as the Stanford Graduate School of Business.  With an MBA acceptance rate that is traditionally in the single digits, GSB is the program that knows exactly the type of MBA candidate they are looking for and they know how to filter out the rest.  The school expects applicants to truly know who they are as not only a business professional, but more importantly, as a person.  They will accept nothing less from those who eventually gain entrance to GSB - MBA students who truly know themselves and how they plan to change their communities and leave the world a better place than they found it. If you doubt your candidacy to the world’s most selective MBA program, relax for a moment and read this guide. Before you can reach any decision regarding the relevance of your candidacy, you need to critically examine the reasons why you are applying.  This is why we have created a multi-step approach that we hope serves as a primer for the type of introspection that Stanford requires.

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